Ten of the best honeymoon destinations around the world

Every couple strives to make their honeymoon vacation a memorable and good memory at the beginning of their lives together, as it is a special journey at a special time and the beginning of a new life. In the following lines, a review of some of the best places for romantic vacation and honeymoon vacation varies between islands, peaceful resorts, bustling cities, safari adventures in Africa and others.


Is a group of islands adorning the Indian Ocean is not like anywhere else on earth, so it is a good choice for honeymooners, it has irresistible appeal and you can consider yourself as someone who has been banished, but they are a unique paradise on earth.

The Maldives are 26 islands filled with stunning landscapes such as atolls, white sand beaches and blue water scenery from each side. It is also not currently free of luxury resorts, where underwater “spa” clubs operate for 24 hours, and one of the most prominent new hotel brands is the “Niyama” resort that opened in October 2011.

What is new in the Maldives is that the cost of staying in some hotels and resorts has become accessible to a large category of couples, such as “Meeru”, in which the resort provides four-star services, but at the price of three stars.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean region is suitable for honeymooning in the winter season, as sunlight and warmth are not absent throughout the winter. In addition, Caribbean resorts offer huge discounts and special treatment for newlyweds.

There are various options between culturally rich countries such as Cuba, to islands full of luxury, richness and luxury like the Bahamas, but if you decide to choose classical culture, customs, traditions and rainforests, all of this is present in the Dominican Republic. Among the countries still following the British Crown are Saint Lucia, Barbados, and Jamaica.


In Greece, everything seems to be affected by the grinding economic crisis, except the tourism sector. On the contrary, due to this crisis, Greece decided to provide a lot of tourist facilities in an attempt to attract more tourists and try to support its collapsed economy.

Here you will find elegant accommodation in addition to the charming nature found in beaches and islands, especially the exciting island “Santorini”, which is always classified as one of the best destinations for honeymoon and shopping, and one of the most famous shopping centers “Carpe Diem”.


We cannot deny that Italy is always a reliable romantic choice for honeymooning, such as the Amalfi Coast region and its villages such as Maiori, Minori, Ravello and Sorrento, an option that many do not dispute, and Amalfi always leads the nominations for romantic places.

Also, Capri Island is one of the most sought after honeymoon places in the world, but it requires a huge bit budget to stay in a wonderful hotel such as the “Capri Palace” which is popular with celebrities. Also in Italy, Tuscany, which you may not imagine real due to its charming natural scenery. Venice or Venice is a special place among romantic cities where no other city can contest it.

You can also go away from the usual tracks, to places like Chianti and Marche or even the beaches of Sardinia, or a three-day tour of central Rome, Florence and Siena.


Thailand remains a favorite for couples as it has high levels of service and relatively reasonable prices compared to the prices of long trips.

The capital Bangkok has a group of the finest temples in the world, floating markets as well as hotels, and most couples combine a trip to the capital with a trip to the southern islands such as Koh or Phuket, or head north to the heart of culturally rich areas such as Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.


Africa offers honeymoon with many dimensions and content different from any other place; you find a mixture of safari trips, followed by a week of relaxing on the beach, and such a program can be spent in Tanzania, Kenya and Mauritius.

Honeymoon in South Africa, and specifically in Cape Town, has a different African taste, with safaris, beaches, hotels and nature. North Africa cannot be overlooked by wonderful countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt, with the diversity of options in it.

United States of America

The United States has many amazing options for honeymooners, from cabarets in Manhattan, to diversity and diversity in California and from them to the Hawaiian Islands, to Los Angeles, where snow-covered mountain ranges are high.

As for Florida, it is the best choice for those who love the rising sun all year round. You can stay in a wonderful luxury hotel in Palm Beach County, or add a few more nights in charming Miami.


  There is no doubt that the Seychelles Islands gained prominence over their fame when the couple Prince William and Kate Madelton went to her for their honeymoon last year.

The Seychelles is still one of the most prestigious natural areas in the world where the environment is pristine and beautiful beauty. There, you will find small hotels along with big names like Banyan Tree, Banyan Tree, and there are special resorts and islands that dream of many, such as Fregate and Dennis.


In the United Kingdom there is an opportunity to spend honeymoon in the heart of the world, so it is suitable for those who hate long flying hours or in the event of a limited vacation there are programs for short trips. And of course places like Ireland, Wales, London and Scotland will not need to be known for their wide popularity in hosting honeymoon trips.

South america

In South America, ten countries are all suitable for honeymooning, and the differences between them are not great. For example, Brazil and Argentina have stunning natural environments from rainforests, and there are also wonderful mountainous desert environments and charming beaches.

The “Bahia” coast in Brazil is one of the most popular places to spend honeymoon, while in Argentina, the noisy “Buenos Aires” night parties attract many couples, and those looking for calm and meditation prefer to spend their honeymoon in a hotel overlooking the “Patagonia” ice summit.