Top Cities in Canada

Canada is a vast country, one of the largest in the world with ten provinces and three territories. The cities are sparsely populated with lots of ski resorts and other beautiful recreational facilities. The country itself has a lot of forest with lush green vegetations and trees distributed throughout. Here is a list of our top ten most beautiful destination cities in Canada.

  1. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, It is named after Queen Victoria and boasts of numerous Victorian structures which gives the city its feel of an old British city. Numbeo named Victoria among the top twenty cities in the world for quality life. It is overall an attractive city and a destination for whale watchers and people that are interested in large sea animals. Whenever you are in Victoria, you should drop by at the Parliament, Craigdarroch castle, the royal BC museum and probably hangout in some of the most beautiful parks in the world.

  1. Vancouver

A bustling city and one of Canada’s most dense with great ethnical diversity. Vancouver is the location for filming and scenes for theatres and music because of its grand beauty. It is a coastal seaport with a lot of giant surrounding mountains contributing to its beautiful scenery. It is named among the top 5 cities of quality living. Vancouver has hosted a lot of international events and conferences like the 1954 commonwealth games and some others. Important tourist attractions in Vancouver include the Stanley park, capilano suspension bridge, Granville island beer and art and many other attractions.

  1. Quebec City

The frenchest part of Canada if there is a word like that, It is the part of Canada with the highest number of French speakers. It is also the oldest city in Canada. Its name derived from an Algonquian word meaning where the river narrows. The beautiful St Lawrence’s river can be seen in its splendor from Quebec city where it narrowed. Landmarks in Quebec city includes the Chateau Frontenac hotel, the Citadelle of Quebec, the museum of civilization and many other places.

  1. Toronto

Toronto is the capital of the Ontario Province, also a city of sky scrapers and numerous parks. Easily the most densely populated city in Canada filled with people from may cultural backgrounds. Toronto is home to the tallest free standing structure in the western hemisphere, a 553m high structure for observation and communication, the CN tower, many other skyscrapers like the Toronto stock exchange among others. There are lots of museums and public events in Toronto for tourist attractions and important attraction places include the Casa loma castle and gardens, Royal Ontario Museum and Ripleys Aquarium.

  1. Ottawa

  Canada’s capital city located on the banks of the Ottawa river. The city is popular with boaters at the park-lined Rideau Canal during summers and welcomes a lot of skaters in winter. It is home to many iconic buildings like the parliament hill, national museums, national arts centre, the national gallery and more.