Top Cities to visit in China

China is the most populous country in the world, it boasts of advanced technologies and beautiful cities. Along with being the most populous country, it is also the third largest by area. Here is our list of cities to visit in China.

  1. Beijing

Beijing is the capital of china, a large city and home to top attractions in china. The forbidden city and the great wall of china are two of the most visited places in China generally and they are in Beijing. Other notable places include the Ming and Ding Imperial palace, the national museum and the Mao Zedong’s mausoleum.

  1. Hong Kong

One of the most important financial centres in the world with a busy port, Hong Kong boasts of beautiful forests and mountains as well as modern skyscrapers. You can catch a glimpse of the entire city on Victorian peak and can also make a trip to the museums or visit the temple street night market in Kowloon.

  1. Shanghai

A strong financial city too, Shanghai is a beauty to behold and holds lots of surprises for visitors. The city has many buildings of different architectural styles, a notable place is the bund, a beautiful waterfront with colonial era buildings. Other ones include the Shanghai tower, the Shanghai museum, Oriental pearl TV Tower and the Shanghai grand theatre among others.

  1. Xian

A big city in the Shaanxi province and is the home to the army of terracotta warriors (Bingmayong) which span thousands of life sized hand molded figures that were buried with China’s first emperor. Many other historical sites are scattered in the city, you should also visit its old walls which have protected the ancient cities for a long time.

  1. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the capital of the Guangdong province. It is known for its annual canton fair, a large trade fair in China that attracts a lot of people. It is also home to the Liurong Temple, a very old temple hidden in the city’s lush forest.

  1. Lhasa

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and a great place to visit. Big mountains tower around the city giving it beautiful scenery. The potala palace with about 1000 rooms was the winter home of Dalai Lama and is a beautiful site to worthy of visit as well as the Jokhang palace. Lhasa is also home to an important Buddha statue.  

  1. Xiamen

Xiamen is a beautiful port city with many interesting sites to behold and nice beaches. It is the site where Mulan was filmed and is often referred to as the Garden on the sea.  Packed with beautiful seaside sceneries and museums and cool buildings, Xiamen is recognized by UNESCO as a cluster of world heritage sites.

  1. Chengdu

Chengdu is the home to beautiful giant pandas. So if you want to interact with a Panda in their natural habitat, head on to Chengdu. The city also boasts of several Sichuan restaurants and you can try a lot of new dishes in Chengdu. The parks are a great place to hang out and interact with the locals.