Top Cities to visit in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with many skyscrapers and casinos. It has a lot of islands and is one of the countries with many populations and high urbanization. Japan has a lot of mountains and thick forests abound throughout the country. Sunrise and Sunset are beautiful to behold all around the world but you get a special view from a country known in the west as the ‘Land of the rising sun’. With so many beautiful cities, large and smaller ones in the country, here is our list of the best cities we think you should visit in Japan.

  1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, a blend of the latest modernity and traditional lifestyles. It is a very busy city with a lot of people as a matter of fact it boasts of the most population in Japan. The famous Shibuya crossing is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing and you should go watch when you are in Japan. Also famous is the Meiji Shinto Shrine featuring its high gates, gardens and Museums; you should visit the shrine too.

  1. Yokohama

Very close to Tokyo but very much worth a visit too as the second largest city. It is home to a lot of preserved Japanese architectures and a foreign trade port. It is really not  a bad idea to get to see the beautiful old Japanese buildings when you are in Yokohama.

  1. Fukuoka

An old city formed from merging two ancient towns. It boasts of ancient architectures, old temples, shopping malls and restaurants. Enjoy delicious ramen when you are in the city and explore the museums. The Tocho-Ji temple is a nice place to visit too.

  1. Sapporo

A beautiful city in the northern island of Hokkaido, famous for it snow festival, an annual event filled with fun activities most especially skiing. Enjoy tasty beer in this city as well when you visit the famous beer museum and some beer gardens. Also, notable to mention is that the city hosted the 1972 winter Olympics and still has ski hills and resorts for an amazing ski adventure.

  1. Kyoto

Kyoto is a city that has once served as the capital of the country and is often referred to as the most beautiful city. Sprawling across the city are many classical Buddhist temples, shrines, Zen gardens, palaces and villas. The arashiyama’s bamboo forest is also a beautiful site to see whenever you are in this old city.

  1. Hiroshima

This city was rebuilt from scratch after the historical incidence in 1945 when an atomic bomb destroyed it during the world war II. It is now a beautiful city with its past behind. The peace memorial park is a usual destination for visitors who come to pay their respects. The Gembaku dome in the park is one of the few buildings left standing after the incidence; you can visit to see the ruins. The Hiroshima castle is also a nice place to visit in Hiroshima and you can have fun in the surrounding park.