Top things to do in Spain

Spain is the fourth largest country by area in Europe. It boasts of different types of architecture ranging from the roman era to modern ones because of its geographical and historical diversity. Spain has produced quite a number of renowned architects like Antoni Gaudi, Rafael Moneo, Ricardo Bofill and others which have contributed immensely to the contemporary architecture and modernism style. Overall, Spain is a beautiful country and there is a lot to see.

  1. Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital city. There is a lot to see in this elegant city starting from the biggest palace in Europe, the Royal Palace, art galleries and museums like the golden triangle art gallery which is home to some of the famous collections in Europe. There are so many bars and restaurants around too where you can enjoy great cuisines.

  1. Barcelona

The capital city of Catalonia is home to famous architectural works of Antoni Gaudi including the church, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batllo. Other notable places to visit in Barcelona are the city history museum which houses many roman archaeological sites. You should also visit Mount Tibidabo for a great view of the city and it is also a great place to cycle and hike.

  1. Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalucia and the third largest city in Spain. The city is renowned for its flamenco dance. A trip to Seville will not be complete without a visit to the real Alcazar, an old architecture and also the Metropol Parasol to take in some modern architecture too.

  1. Granada

Granada is a city in Andalusia known for its many medieval architecture. Enjoy view of the Alhambra and take a trip to the Sierra Navada Hills. Also the fountains and orchards of the Generalife gardens, palaces, patios and pools from the Nasrid dynasty are notable places to visit.

  1. Malaga

Malaga is a port city in Costa del Sol. The city boasts of structures from the roman era like an old amphi theatre and Moorish fortresses like the Alcazaba and the remains of Gibralfaro. The city is also the birthplace of Picasso and has many art galleries. The La Manquita which means one-armed lady is the nickname of the city’s cathedral.

  1. Bilbao

A city in northern Spain and Basque country’s capital and an industrial port,the city boasts of skyscrapers and a renowned museum which opened in 1997, the Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Gehry. The museum’s building itself receives more attention than its collections.

  1. Valencia

Valencia is a port city and the third largest city in Spain. It is situated along the Mediterranean. Paella a Spanish seafood and other Spanish cuisines can be enjoyed in many nice restaurants around Valencia. Also notable in Valencia is the futuristic building, Valencia’s city of Arts and Sciences which is home to a science museum, an IMAX cinema and an opera house. There are many other museums and exciting attractions in the city of Valencia.